Ending Abuse in the Games Industry

This last week, the games industry has again been rocked by stories of people with power preying upon their colleagues, employees and fans. It is a harrowing moment but also important that we reckon with these revelations.

GWU Australia condemns the perpetrators of these abuses.

We have only one thing to say to those who have been victimised: we stand with you. 

Your trauma is not a burden that should have ever been yours to bear, but you do not need to bear it alone. We will stick by you and help you however we can and in whatever capacity we can. Whether you need us to represent you to management in your workplace, walk with you on the convention floor or perform community accountability, we will be there for you.

Collective action through a union can ensure sweeping changes in the workplace, including holding abusers to account, enforcing harassment policies, taking direct legal action, and assisting with navigating the complex workers compensation system.

GWU Australia is committed to building a better games industry. This means stamping out abuse and predatory behaviour wherever we find it and supporting victims as they fight for justice.

Our hearts go out to you and we will work with and for you so that things change for the better.

In solidarity,
Games Workers Unite Australia