GWU Australia Condemns Censorshop of Journalists at IGN and GameInformer

Game Workers Unite Australia stands in solidarity with writers at IGN and GameInformer who discovered this week that their articles on how readers could provide support to Palestinian civilians affected by Israel’s ongoing violent colonial settler campaign had been removed. As reported by VICE, writers at both outlets have received little to no explanation, consultation, […]

GWU Australia Welcomes 30% Tax Rebate News

Game Workers Unite Australia welcomes today’s announcement of a 30% tax rebate for video game development in Australia. This is an enormous achievement and we acknowledge the huge efforts put in by the IGEA to lobby the Federal Government on this issue. While the concrete details about the Digital Games Tax Offset are yet to […]

GWU Aus Releases Examples of Freelancer Rate Responses

GWU Australia has been surveying freelance game developers in Australia as part of our project to set sustainable rates in our industry. Today we are releasing some very preliminary examples of the sort of rates that freelancers across the country have told us they are charging. One of the biggest issues in our industry is […]

Ending Abuse in the Games Industry

This last week, the games industry has again been rocked by stories of people with power preying upon their colleagues, employees and fans. It is a harrowing moment but also important that we reckon with these revelations. GWU Australia condemns the perpetrators of these abuses. We have only one thing to say to those who […]

One Third of Australian Game Developers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage, Survey Shows

Australian game developers are struggling against poor pay, a lack of job security, and limited opportunities, according to survey data compiled and released by Game Workers Unite Australia ahead of Melbourne International Games Week 2018. 155 developers have completed the survey so far, painting a dismal picture of income and working conditions. Infographic Key takeaways […]