We believe that all game workers in Australia deserve fair pay. That’s why we’ve put together these guides.

We have wage guides for workers who are employees, and rate guides for freelancers/contractors.

If you are unsure whether you are an employee or a contractor, or if you have any questions about these guides, please contact us.

Wage Guides (Employees)

The information below applies to people who are directly employed.

Rate Guides (Contractors / Freelancers)

As a contractor (sometimes called a freelancer), it’s important that you charge an amount which is not only sustainable for you, but beneficial for everyone in the industry. These rate guides will help you do that.

Are you being sham contracted?

Many contractor game workers in Australia are being sham contracted. This occurs when you are treated like an employee, but paid like a contractor – missing out on all the benefits that come with being an employee.

Sham contracting is illegal. Click here for more information on sham contracting.