Looking for our printable material? Find everything you need here.

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Intellectual Property Rights (PDF)
Working on a hobby project? Doing a game jam? Learn about when you own your work – and when you don’t.

Six Tips For Game Workers (PDF)
A quick start guide to hand out at events and gatherings.

MIGW 2019 Tri-Fold Pamphlet (PDF)
Originally created for MIGW 2019, this pamphlet is useful for all game developers to read.

Tri-Fold Pamphlet For Gamers (PDF)
Are you a gamer who supports better standard for your favourite game workers? Print this out and hand it out.

Wage Guides

Game Developer Wage Guide (PDF)
A printable version of our Game Developer Wage Guide. Check out the web version here.

Other wage guides coming soon – we promise!