The Australian games industry is one of the most creative, inspiring and resilient anywhere in the world.

Despite this, our games workers continue to suffer under insecure work, unreliable wages, and bullying and harassment in the workplace.

By working together, we can change all of that.

What is a union?

A union is what happens when workers stand together and help each other.

Throughout history, workers have formed unions and helped each other build better lives.

Unions are responsible for:

  • Equal pay for women
  • The 40 hour work week
  • The weekend
  • Sick leave and holiday leave
  • An end to child labour
  • Universal healthcare (Medicare)
  • Workplace rights such as unfair dismissal, bully and harassment protection
  • And so much more!

Unions are democratically run by their members, who elect delegates and officials to speak for them and represent them.

Union members make their decisions together, negotiate together, and win together!

Why do game workers need a union?

Even though it can be a lot of fun, games work is still work.

Many game workers suffer from low or even unlawful wages, bullying and harassment in the workplace, unsafe working conditions, job insecurity, exploitation and more.

Unions have solved these kind of issues in all other industries, whether it’s something like mining and construction, or film and TV.

Game Workers Australia is the first ever union for game workers in Australia. We know that the only way to make our industry better is to work together and do it ourselves.

Even freelancers?

Yes, even freelancers! Freelancers and other self-employed game workers can form a union to make sure they are all charging sustainable rates, share important information, and gain access to things like legal advice and insurance they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.