GWU Australia Launches New Project To Help Freelance Game Developers

One of the big challenges facing game workers in Australia is that if you’re freelancing or contracting your skills out, it can be hard to know what to charge. With no set industry rates, you just don’t know where you fit in the puzzle.

Game Workers Unite Australia is starting a new project to change all of that. We’re building the first ever database of freelancer game development rates – so that with a few clicks, you can see what the most common rates are, and feel confident that you’re paying yourself fairly for your time and skills.

This week we are launching the first stage of the project, which is the survey to gather information. We are asking all freelance game developers across Australia to take the survey and tell us what you are charging for your work.

Once the responses start coming in, we’ll be collating them into a publicly available resource that everyone can look at on our website. With this tool, freelancers will be empowered to strike better deals for themselves and everyone else in their position.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and our social media channels to learn more about when the resource is released. We can’t do that until we have the data though, so please help us and fill out our survey!

Why are we doing this?

Working together to set industry standard rates:

  • Means rates go up over time because people are no longer undercutting each other
  • Allows employers to budget their projects accurately
  • Increases professionalism and accountability

More transparency in the industry means everybody wins. That’s why GWU Australia is dedicated to building a better industry for all of us.

As always, if you’d like to be involved in helping GWU Australia, please hit up this membership form and we’ll be in touch with a link to our secure Discord server.