GWU Australia Condemns Censorship of Journalists at IGN and GameInformer

Game Workers Unite Australia stands in solidarity with writers at IGN and GameInformer who discovered this week that their articles on how readers could provide support to Palestinian civilians affected by Israel’s ongoing violent colonial settler campaign had been removed.

As reported by VICE, writers at both outlets have received little to no explanation, consultation, or apology. 

We condemn censorship from the management of IGN and GameInformer, and we condemn the follow-up post from IGN management which claimed it was an “error” to show support for the victims of an ethnic cleansing campaign.

GWU Australia is heartened by the response from IGN writers who have authored a collective letter calling on IGN Management, Ziff Davis and J2 Global, to open dialogue with their writers and recognise editorial autonomy. 

We ask our members and community to share this letter and to voice support for these writers and the writers at GameInformer.

We endorse and support the unionisation of workers in all areas of the games industry, including journalism. We encourage all Australian journalists to join the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

The union movement has a long history of taking collective action in support of important causes and particularly in support of the Palestinian people. Historical actions like the green bans, dockworkers who refuse to assist in exporting iron to wartime enemies, and even as recently as Google employees halting work on a lucrative Pentagon contract demonstrate that our world is interconnected and our choices matter in shaping the future we want to see. 

Readers wishing to provide support to Palestinian civilians impacted by Israel’s US-backed violent settler campaign are encouraged to donate to:

There will be a Rally for Palestine taking place this coming Saturday May 22 in Sydney. Protests will also be taking place on the same day in Melbourne.

Readers wishing to learn more about the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement against Israel’s apartheid state can find out how to take further action here.