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Workers Survey

What best describes your work in games?

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Why should I fill out this survey?

Whether you're coding, writing, streaming, marketing or organising a community meetup - you work in games.

That means you need to look out for yourself, and each other, by fighting back against unfair pay, against discrimination, and against exploitation.

History shows that the only way workers can fight back is by organising, by unionising, and by standing together.

One of the largest issues preventing organisation in the Australian games industry is the lack of transparency regarding working conditions and wages.

When workers are unable to discuss their salaries or conditions openly, this makes it difficult to collectively bargain, which reduces wages and hurts vulnerable people.

GWU AUS is attempting to gather data on our industry that will enable us to get a clear picture of how this industry fits together.

This survey focuses on your income, your work conditions, and what issues most affect you from an employment perspective.

This survey is designed to be anonymous. However, if you wish, you may provide identifying information and contact details at the end of the survey. This will allow GWU AUS to contact you with follow up questions.

It is not necessary to provide us with this information. You are encouraged to remain anonymous if you wish.

Any information you do provide will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Please share this survey with your friends. The only way game workers in Australia can build a better industry is by supporting each other.